There are a number of solid, tiled roof systems in the UK market so how do you pick a system or supplier? We can make it easy. If you're looking for ultimate quality and to offer a stand out product - the WARMroof system supplied and fitted from TC Windows is for you.




Why choose Warmroof?

  • Or 50mm continuous external thermal barrier creates a true 'warm roof' - other solid, tiled roof systems on the market don't and are therefore NOT  a 'warm roof'
  • We can offer an optional fascia and soffit detail - most competitor roofs don't have one
  • Thermal insulation U-value of 0.18W/m²K
  • Proven roof span to 6m wide - even with clay, concrete or slate tile
  • Roof structurally proven to the latest Eurocodes - many competitor roofs are not and it makes them very limited structurally .
  • Pre-formed insulated panels which reduces installation time on site. With many competitor roofs, insulation and board needs cutting to size and fixing on site. This makes for errors, poor quality and extend build time.
  • WARMroof offers a total of 150mm of insulation.
  • LABC/LABSS & JHAI approved
  • 10 to 45° pitch range as standard (can go down to 5° with TATA steel)
  • We can offer a facet overhang option - there are a lot of Victorian conservatory stock in the UK. 
  • We can install a Georgian roof onto three bay Victorian frames as our roof is structurally superior allowing us to do this.