New Products

We’ve got some new Composit door designs. “Urban” and “Country” are exciting new designs and are available with a huge range of colours and furniture to enhance the entry to your castle.

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Urban Designs


The various designs available in the Urban range. 

Country Designs


The options you get with the Country range. 


For many homes, selecting the right door can make a big statement. We have many years experiene installing new doors and we can supply a wide range of doors from uPVC and composite to Bi-Fold and specialist options, all in a range of styles and colours.        

If you are looking for some inspiration and would like your door to stand out from the crowd, contact us for a demo.


The before door photo

We think the front door is the most important feature of the house. There's no need to put up with a drafty, tired looking front door.


What a difference a new door makes

A statement has been made with this smart uPVC door.  We have many doors and designs to choose from. This is an example of a mahogany uPVC door with one of the many panel inserts available.

Accessories for your doors

Fly Screens

One example of a fly screen

We also supply and install insect screens for doors, ideal for when you want the cool air in without insects buzzing around.

Also available for windows


Make your door stand out

From door frames, handles and letter boxes, we can help make your new door unique to your home. No two doors will be the same.

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Choose your Glass

One example of the glass you can have

If you want your new door to stand out, we offer a range of different glass styles and designs. The options to choose from are endless!

Find your dream glass